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Resources are the currencies used to purchase and upgrade buildings and troops. The game has three different resources: gold, oil, and diamonds.

Gold and oil have buildings that are used to store and generate them.


Gold is a resource that is dug up by gold mines. Once collected it is stored in your gold storages. The amount of gold you have is displayed at the top left side of the screen. Gold is used to build and upgrade defensive buildings, trapsoil rigsoil storages and walls. It is also used to place national flag decorations.


Oil is a resource that is collected by oil rigs. Once collected it is stored in your oil storages. The amount of oil you have is displayed at the top left side of the screen under gold. Oil is used for purchasing and upgrading troops, army buildings, gold mines and gold storages. It is also used to place decorations.


Diamonds are a resource primarly gained through in app purchases. There are other ways to obtain diamonds, but those methods are rather slow in comparison to purchasing them through the store. Small numbers of diamonds can be obtained by clearing debris from the field, but finding diamonds in the debris is random and the rate of respawn of the debris is quite low. Completing achievements is another way to obtain diamonds. There are 22 different achievements and many have multiple levels of completion, each rewarding progessively more diamonds. In addition, the top three players in the individual weekly tournament will be award a small amount of gems. Lastly, the three best clans will receive diamonds that will be distributed to the 15 best fighters in each clan. This clan tournament is also weekly and clans are placed in different division depending on their clan rating.

Diamonds can be used to purchase gold, oil, and worker's huts. They can also be used to speed up upgrades and troop training.

Generally it is a good idea to save your diamonds for worker's huts, as having more workers drastically increases the speed at which you can upgrade.

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